Stay Cool with Expert Air Conditioner Maintenance

Contact Alpha Heating and Air for your Air Conditioning Maintenance living in Medford, Central Point, Jacksonville, White City, Phoenix, Talent, Ashland, Oregon and vicinity. Keeping your home cool in Oregon summers is a priority. Most homeowners take their air conditioning unit for granted and do not realize that they should have their AC unit tuned-up and maintained just as regularly as their home’s furnace. If you cannot recall the last AC maintenance you had performed or you have never had it done, now is the time to call in the HVAC specialists.

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The Importance of Regular AC Maintenance

Regular air conditioner maintenance can yield exceptional savings; especially when you maximize your home’s energy efficiency. Also, by maintaining your unit, you can extend the life of the system and its components, saving you on costs for repair later on. The easiest way to ensure your AC unit is properly maintained is by calling in a comfort specialist to help.

Here are just some of the benefits of regularly maintaining your AC unit:

  • Energy Savings – Electricity costs are skyrocketing, but you can keep your cooling costs at bay with regular maintenance. Simple tasks like lubricating components, recharging the unit’s refrigerant and even cleaning the coils will automatically boost efficiency.
  • Comfort – Air conditioners that operate at their peak performance can keep up even with the highest temperatures.
  • Problem Prevention – Issues with an AC unit will take time to develop, such as a belt that slowly starts to fray. By maintaining your AC unit, you are giving yourself the opportunity to catch these slow-moving problems before they turn into an expensive repair.
  • Extending the Life of Your Equipment – A new air conditioning unit can be costly; typically, a few thousand dollars. You can get more years from your air conditioner just by maintaining its components.
  • Cleaner Indoor Air – By replacing your unit’s air filter and patching up ductwork leaks, you can ensure the air inside your home is clean and fresh.
  • Safety – When your AC is running as it should, you enjoy peace of mind knowing everything is safe for you and your loved ones.

Schedule Your AC Maintenance with Comfort Specialists

The NATE-Certified technicians at Alpha Heating and Air can help you with your annual maintenance. We do thorough inspections, clean components and check efficiency to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Schedule your air conditioner maintenance with an HVAC technician at Alpha Heating and Air today. Call us at 541.770.2723 or contact us online with your questions.