There are hundreds of homeowners in the city that enjoy the reliability and convenience of ductless heat pumps.

These systems are designed to cool and heat rooms individually and are easily mounted to the wall or ceiling. If you have a ductless system, just like any other HVAC system, you could run into potential issues that force your heat pump to stop working as it should. Luckily, with the right certified technicians, you can get your ductless system back up and running soon.

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Repairing Your Ductless Heat Pump System
Most established brands of ductless systems are extremely reliable, but that does not mean they will not run into occasional hiccups. Some issues you may find that arise include:

Ductless heat pumps are an economical and energy efficient option for your residence or commercial building. Whether you have a split or multi-split unit, enjoying the comfort of heat and cooling is easily attained. This ductless system can even create the perfect temperature in each room of your home.

When your system does not work as it should, both your family and you will struggle to enjoy your indoor temperatures, and your heat pump will fail to run efficiently. Alpha Heating and Air, is a name you can trust in the Vancouver area to assess the situation and make complete repairs. You deserve to stay comfortable in your home no matter the season. We can help.

Notice the Signs When Your Ductless Heat Pump Needs Repair Work

An excellent choice for homes with little-to-no existing heating system, a ductless system is versatile and can last for years with consistent maintenance. There may come a time when repair work is needed. Here are some signs that it might be time to contact a trained technician to come in and fix your heat pump quickly:

  • The indoor unit is not running. The registers mounted above your door or on the ceiling deliver heated and cooled air. If one of them is not working properly, you should first check the temperature on the unit to ensure it has been set properly. If that is not the issue, contact a certified technician for repair.
  • The indoor unit is running, but not blowing cooled air. The most common cause of this issue is a clogged filter. If you have replaced your filter recently, there may be an issue with ice buildup or the blower being blocked.
  • The outdoor unit is not functioning properly. The outdoor unit could have several potential issues, including compressor failure, condenser fan problems, capacitor failures, etc.
  • No heat comes out as soon as it turns on: It may or may not be a malfunction of your unit. Sometimes the heat switch is not turned on. Other times it may need a minute or two to warm up, but if not, it is a good idea to call in the experts to diagnose the issue.
  • There is a blown fuse: If the operation of the system causes the breaker or ground-fault interrupter to trip, it is imperative that you contact an HVAC licensed technician right away.
  • You notice a burnt odor: The chances are rare, but a burnt smell can signify a more significant problem with the wiring. The unit should be unplugged, or the breaker turned off and help called immediately.
  • Water appears to be leaking from the indoor unit: The system is enclosed to keep water circulating during use. If you notice water inside your home around the unit, call a technician.
  • The unit will not stop running: Not only is this inefficient, but it may also indicate a larger issue. An HVAC professional can assess the situation and make the necessary fix.
  • Icing up on the unit: You may see ice buildup in both the summer and the winter. Ice can prevent the proper transfer of heat.
  • Unusual Sounds and Clicking Noises: Noises are part of the normal course of operation for your system, especially when on the defrost cycle. Becoming familiar with what “normal” sounds like can tip you off to potential problems. For instance, if you notice that the defrost cycle happens frequently and lasts for 5-10 minutes, yet fails to melt the ice, there may be another issue to fix.
  • Auxiliary Heat Stays On: When the “AUX HEAT” indicator is on, the temperature of your house is 2 or more degrees off from the thermostat. When it is outside this range, your Carrier heat pump will be in defrost mode. You will need to have the auxiliary heat checked if the indicator light is on frequently.

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